The Latest IoT eNews from Around the Web

November 2016

How to get CxOs to buy into your IoT project
by Numerex

Develop a unique talk track that addresses each executive leader’s most pressing concerns.

Wireless Connectivity Options Abound for IoT
by BizTech Magazine

IoT applications can benefit from many different wireless networks, each with a unique advantage.

5 Key Ingredients for a Robust, End-to-End IoT Platform
by Numerex

A full service IoT Platform allows organizations to deploy quickly and with reduced up-front costs.

How the Cloud Makes the IoT Manageable
by IoTNow

Get the agility, flexibility, scalability, and security you need to optimize work flows and service delivery.

Data Security
What you need to know about the imminent threat of IoT botnets
by VentureBeat

Don’t fall victim to hackers using IoT devices to perform denial of service (DoS) attacks.

Application Enablement
Why your IoT solution needs an application enablement platform (AEP)
by Tech Target

Future-proof your IoT solutions with an end-to-end platform built to scale.

Without API Management, the Internet of Things is Just a Big Thing
by Wired

Remove the complexity of configuring and updating applications throughout the lifecycle of your solution.

Data Analytics
Strong Analytics Skills 3X More Likely To Lead To Success With Internet Of Things (IoT)
by Forbes

IoT deployments are most effective when you leverage data insights to make better business decisions.