Accurate Tracking of Fixed and Mobile Assets in the Field

Whether they are tracking people or things, Numerex IoT Devices are built with reliability, scalability, and flexibility in mind. Our devices encompass a wide variety of vertical market applications for Cellular Asset Tracking, Dual Mode Global Cellular & Satellite Asset Tracking, Global Satellite Asset Tracking, Electronic Offender Monitoring, Supply Chain Optimization and Tank Monitoring, and support multiple use cases.

Using a variety of sensors to measure important events like tank fill levels, temperature and pressure, and employing accurate GPS, cellular and satellite technology to monitor the movements of people and things, these devices are a necessary and key component for any IoT solution. In addition, these advanced and innovative devices don’t depend on electrical power. With long life battery and solar power capabilities, devices can be deployed in the field to far flung locations for long periods of time, protecting your high value assets for years to come.

Coupled with our own pre-packaged applications, network connectivity, and IoT platform enablement, these devices comprise the hardware component that make up many of our managed IoT solutions.

See our list of IoT devices below. Find your device of choice by sorting the list by vertical application, manufacturer or functional capability.

IoT Devices Supported by Numerex

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