The countdown to the 2G sunset has begun.

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Announcing 2G Support Through 2020


A Turnkey LTE Migration Glide Path


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What is the program?

T-Mobile has announced that it will extend its 2G Network through 2020 for IoT Deployments, providing mission-critical 2G customer support today, while providing a seamless glide path to LTE deployments in the future. Other carriers have announced plans to complete their 2G turndown by the end of 2016.

The program brings to bear the combined core strengths of Numerex and T-Mobile - built on the award-winning Numerex nxFAST™ IoT platform – and connected by T-Mobile’s extensive, nationwide LTE network which is projected to be 310M subscriptions by end of 2015 - equal to or exceeding other carriers.

How does the program work?

Numerex and T-Mobile come together to offer an industry first, 2G connectivity offer through 2020.  This offer supports current 2G users in two ways, offering you longevity of your existing deployed assets, while still giving you time to make plans to migrate to LTE in the future. This potential device saving solution allows a pathway to LTE directly from 2G, bypassing 3G altogether. Numerex and T-Mobile view this as a game changer, possibly saving millions of 2G IoT devices from ’going dark’ as a result of impending 2G turndowns in the near future.

What are the benefits of the program?

There are still thousands of IoT deployments across the country that rely on 2G network service that can benefit from this program. As well as an eventual glide-path to LTE, the program has the potential to save IoT enterprises millions of dollars a year by allowing 2G customers to:

  • Avoid the 2G turndown and maintain your existing 2G devices
  • Prevent device write offs and write downs
  • Avoid costly truck rolls to replace 2G devices in the field
  • Ensure a future pathway to bypass 3G and go straight to LTE

How do I get started?

Let Numerex and T-Mobile make the transition simple, efficient, and painless.

Simply click the button below to sign up today!

Future proof your investment today, and plan your 2G path going forward!