Protect At Risk Persons Remotely, Efficiently, and Effectively

mySHIELD™, powered by Numerex, is a mobile personal emergency response IoT solution designed to enhance the safety of lone workers, the elderly, and other at risk groups. Featuring a small form factor, wireless cellular connectivity, lanyard or clip-on capabilities, mySHIELD is the perfect solution to enhance the safety of wearers who often are alone, or are likely to find themselves in potentially hazardous situations where safety could be jeopardized. With the flexibility to adapt to a number of use cases, mySHIELD not only enables employers to provide a measure of safety and comfort to workers in high risk occupations, but also serves the safety needs of vulnerable groups like the elderly and others.

mySHIELD operates on multiple carrier networks. mySHIELD is powered by the Verizon Network, and mySHIELD SOS is powered by the Sprint Network.

How It Works

A cloud-based solution, mySHIELD utilizes two-way, cellular technology that signals help with the simple press of a panic button. This enables users to easily communicate their need for immediate assistance and transmit their location to a professional call center or other designated monitoring station.

mySHIELD is scalable for businesses that want to enhance the safety of large numbers of independent employees. It also works great for the elderly or other groups of at risk individuals, giving them instant access to summon help. Utilizing a user friendly, cloud-based, dashboard management portal, the solution supports many advantages for both wearers and resellers.

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Elderly care protection

Lone Worker Safety

Data Sheet

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Benefits: Protect At Risk Groups Remotely, Efficiently, and Effectively


Benefits for Enterprises

  • Improve response time to critical situations when employees are in distress
  • Easily determine the location and status of employees
  • Logically combine users into groups and sub-groups based on organizational requirements
  • Mitigate insurance risks by providing a means to summon assistance for remote employees

Benefits for Wearers

  • Offers supervised, unrestricted mobility for vulnerable or at risk wearers
  • Enables wearers to quickly connect in the event of emergency
  • Grants peace of mind for wearers that help can be quickly summoned
  • Provides a clip-on, wearable solution that is discreet and portable

Provide home health workers the ability to stay in touch with their organization.

Provide a way for the elderly, who may need immediate assistance, to summon help.

Provide an additional measure of safety for real estate agents in the field.

Available in multiple languages, the mySHIELD solution provides a dashboard that enables administrators to locate users with mapped views, as well as to schedule automated alerts and notifications sent by email and text messaging. Unlike many other solutions, mySHIELD operates across a cellular connection, and users are not required to be within close proximity to a base station.