For overtaxed personnel already under public scrutiny, technology that enables optimized resource allocation while boosting public safety it a tremendously valuable tool. And, when a technology is easy to deploy and intuitive to use, the results are magnified.

Omnilink, a Numerex Solution, for probation, parole, and corrections provides the information you need to make smart decisions. You’ll value our offender tracking tools that combine intuitive software with the power of GPS, M2M and LBS technology to monitor and immediately locate any person. By tracking and monitoring offenders electronically, you’ll be empowered to make decisions and proactively solve problems. This in turn will create new opportunities that help improve results, reduce costs, make personnel more efficient, and have a high impact on public safety.


Powerful Offender Monitoring Technology
Improves Efficiencies and Cuts Costs

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Solution Components

OM400 Electronic Monitoring Device

Electronic monitoring devices of choice for programs wanting accurate, actionable data

We’ve built our reputation on ultra-reliability and accuracy. Agencies and organizations choose our field-proven hardware because our data is timely, trustworthy, and actionable. Not only are they accurate and reliable, our electronic monitors are easy to use. Technology should help you do your job better and easier. If your technology is time-consuming, frustrating, or complicated, we believe it’s not worth having.

To me, for community corrections to really be successful you have to have integrity. These tools have complete integrity. We were very pleased when we found Omnilink…in August of 2006 because we were finally able to track people in the majority of San Francisco.Linda Connelly, Leaders in Community Alternatives, Inc.

FocalPoint™ - Robust Electronic Monitoring Application

Electronic monitoring applications designed to simplify the monitoring of offenders

Agencies cite the usability of our software as one of the primary reasons to switch to FocalPoint, our application that connects to the OM-400 device to form a complete electronic monitoring system. Our software apps are easy to navigate and customize, making the management of offenders less cumbersome and time-intensive. With FocalPoint, you’ll see the impact 10x fewer alerts can have on your day. We’re experienced software developers with myriad applications under our belt, so we’re expert at building sophisticated programs that are simple to use.

The software is very user-friendly. For agencies or departments with large staff, the software is easy to navigate with limited training. Omnilink gives agencies the maximum tracking capability currently available.Sergeant Dave Scheppegrell, Charlotte Mecklenburg P.D.


The Omnilink solution is made up of the OM-400™ ankle bracelet and FocalPoint™ application software - all connected through the secure, wireless Numerex network.


Our devices capture the location and condition of people and things.


Cellular networks transmit the information wirelessly to our software.


Our web-based mapping applications present the information beautifully.

Additional Services

We provide added services like technical support and live monitoring.