With Omnilink, a Numerex Solution, we can help you, your business, or your government agency with out of the box wireless offender tracking and monitoring technology that’s intuitive, reliable, and highly accurate.

Thousands of hours of imagination, development, QA, and user feedback shaped the production of these field proven, state-of-the-art electronic monitoring solutions so that you agencies can feel empowered to track their entire offender caseload,. Keep a constant, watchful eye on offenders, while making communities and workplaces safer with technology designed to track and monitor people.

“We cannot afford to incarcerate all offenders. At the same, we need a way to keep track of those offenders who aren’t being locked up. It [electronic monitoring] offers a whole new horizon in corrections.”from Designing An Electronic Monitoring Program: A Guide to Program Design, Implementation, and Management.


Pretrial Supervision

Pretrial supervision has evolved rapidly in the last 50 years, keeping pace with the technological advances that define every other aspect of our lives. Where once a pencil and typewriter were tools of the trade, now advanced systems are changing the way things are done. Learn more about our electronic monitoring technology and access resources to help you architect a pretrial supervision program that meets your agency’s goals and objectives.


Probation Monitoring

Probation outcomes depend upon a set of factors, including the alignment of departmental incentives with offender success, the level of staff engagement, and the availability of rehabilitation and treatment programs, among others. The ability to monitor an offender’s compliance with conditions of release is one such critical factor. It helps ensure that society and victims are protected, and helps validate or invalidate an offender’s eligibility for parole.


Parole Supervision

When used as one element of a well-designed and effectively implemented re-entry program, electronic monitoring has helped reduce jail and prison crowding, reduce costs, reduce crime, improve offender accountability, and protect community safety while reintegrating offenders. Electronic monitoring permits offenders to keep their jobs, support their families, pay taxes, make restitution, and pay court fines while satisfying the court’s need for time served and accountability.

“The American Probation and Parole Association, recognizing the important contributions technology provides to our daily functioning, supports the use of electronic monitoring (EM) for offenders to assist probation and parole officers in achieving their prescribed goal of community protection.”APPA Position Statement on Electronic Monitoring


House Arrest Monitoring

Essentially, a house arrest monitor uses RF and GPS technologies to monitor the movement of selected high, medium, and low-risk offenders—both juvenile and adult—until they successfully complete the program or until they reach expiration of their sentence. Intensive supervised release is most often continuous—24 hours per day, 365 days a year.


Juvenile Monitoring

Electronic monitoring can serve as a sanction for juveniles adjudicated in court, can help divert first-time offenders from the court system, and can help prevent a juvenile’s progression into more serious behavior. And unlike juvenile jail, electronic monitoring doesn’t take youth away from their family, school, church, or positive community involvements. As a result, juveniles don’t fall behind in their education and don’t struggle to reenter those social circles later on.


Gang Activity Monitoring

Gang members may be apprehended and incarcerated, but with their high rate of recidivism it is only a temporary fix. In order to tackle the gang problem effectively, police, prosecutors, courts, probation departments, correctional institutions, parole departments, schools, and community-based groups must work together to address the many systemic causes of gangs.

“Some agencies use electronic technologies for pretrial release of defendants into the community. In some cases, the technology is applied as an additional strategy with other methods for ensuring lawful behavior and return to court. Pretrial supervision is intended to provide the least punitive justice system response and electronic monitoring seems to offer a viable alternative to keeping many offenders in jail.”Matthew DeMichele & Brain Payne, Offender Supervision with Electronic Technology, 2nd Edition


Truant Student Monitoring

Decades of research have linked truancy with adult criminality, incarceration, underemployment, unemployment, drug and alcohol abuse, and risky sexual activity. In fact, about 80% of incarcerated adults never completed high school. Truant students are more likely to face a life of reduced earning power.


Domestic Abuse Offender Monitoring

Violent spouses terrorize their families—children and spouses—with threats, intimidation, and physical violence. Few are apprehended, but those who are find themselves released back into the community where they seek out their families to offend again. Sixty percent of victims are repeatedly attacked, often with tragic consequences. Use Numerex’s electronic monitoring system to track abusers, monitor their proximity to family members, and to hold them accountable for violations.


Sex Offender Monitoring

Convicted sex offenders are released into the community every day. For that reason, sex offender tracking’s importance has become incalculable. With the introduction of Jessica’s Law in 2005, many laws have been passed to mandate that jurisdictions track sex offender locations, with some laws requiring electronic monitoring long-term and for the life of the sex offender.

The solution is made up of the OM-400™ ankle bracelet and FocalPoint™ application software - all connected through the secure, wireless Numerex network.


Our devices capture the location and condition of people and things.


Cellular networks transmit the information wirelessly to our software.


Our web-based mapping applications present the information beautifully.

Additional Services

We provide added services like technical support and live monitoring.