Are my assets safe and secure?

Whether its assets or people, reliable M2M solutions provide peace of mind and comfort for homes, businesses, and families.

Safety for the Community, Security for Homes and Businesses

Consumers and businesses are spending billions of dollars on security every year. From home & commercial security and remote worker safety to electronic offender monitoring and elderly emergency response, the need for safety and security is growing exponentially. In the coming years, the costs are predicted to continue increasing. By embedding wireless communications into safety and security products, companies can now track and secure many different types of mobile and fixed assets.

Use Cases

SmartNet_NOCElectronic Offender Monitoring
Electronic Offender Monitoring: Provides corrections officials charged with monitoring the location and activities of pretrial release participants, convicts on home release, parolees and other individuals under court-ordered oversight the ability to electronically monitor offenders at a fraction of the cost of incarceration or regular check-ins.

The Numerex branded solution for electronic monitoring is Omnilink. Omnilink's award-winning LBS platform connects hardware, networks, software, and support services to bring end-to-end solutions to life. Since 2004, global brands, U.S. government agencies, businesses, and consumers have used Omnilink to monitor the location, safety, and condition of offenders. To learn more about Omnilink, a Numerex Solution go to

SmartNet_NOCResidential and Commercial Security
Traditionally, alarm systems have relied on telephone lines to report events. However, criminals know about this system weakness and can easily cut the line, essentially rendering the system useless. With Uplink, a Numerex Solution’s wireless alarm communicators, alarm signals continue to transmit regardless of the phone line status. Cellular alarm communications and interactive services offer superior wireless solutions that are always connected. As a substitute or backup for landline alarm communications, Uplink remains on the job with a secure, reliable connection that transmits alarm events instantly and accurately. Learn More about Uplink, a Numerex solution.

All of these cases have a common theme - knowing where, what, and how assets and people are deployed. By tracking and monitoring these assets using the Numerex platform from an application on any connected device, managers can make smart decisions based on factual data. This business intelligence is driving performance and creating significant competitive advantages for agile companies.

The Numerex branded solution for home alarm monitoring is Uplink. Uplink products deliver the unique combination of technology, quality, options and superior value that has made Uplink the security industry’s most trusted source for alarm communicators since 1996. With hundreds of thousands of installed communicators throughout the United States and Canada, Uplink has the experience and expertise to provide the most reliable products and the finest support. To learn more about Uplink, a Numerex solution, go to

Safety and security for individuals, families and businesses.
Securing people and things through reliable home automation solutions, intelligent apps, and wireless devices.

Our packaged solutions include:

Electronic Offender Monitoring 

The newest and most advanced offender monitoring solution available, Omnilink®, a Numerex solution is comprised of the OM400™, a versatile one-piece GPS/cellular ankle bracelet with 2-way communication,and the FocalPoint® monitoring application. Deployed together, this solution enables easy tracking of an individual’s movements both indoors and outdoors. Learn More

Alarm Communicators and Interactive Apps 

Uplink®, a Numerex Solution, features wireless alarm communicators that enable alarm panel distributors and dealers to provide reliable security systems. Using UplinkRemote home automation, users can lock doors, turn lights on or off, and control other home alarm or automation features and even view live or archived video streams — from anywhere using a tablet, computer or smartphone. Learn More


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