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Don't Lose Sight of Your Vehicles

Increased ROI, improved productivity and enhanced safety of employees and assets are just a few of many reasons companies are deploying fleet tracking solutions. Still, some business owners have not deployed due to concerns of complexity or cost. Numerex breaks those barriers with a turn-key, economical solution: FASTrack Fleet.

Quick Deployment, Immediate Results

FASTrack Fleet includes a configurable web-based application, a proven messaging transportation network and a choice of devices. This bundled solution accelerates speed to market and ensures a simple and flexible implementation. With Numerex as your technology partner, you can focus on building your business, delivering proven solutions and exceeding customer expectations.

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Manual vs. Automated Tracking

FASTrack Fleet

FASTrack Helps PacWest Triple Revenues

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Track Any Fleet - Large or Small.

No matter where your vehicles are located, the power of fleet tracking makes lack of visibility a thing of the past.



FASTrack Fleet™

A fleet tracking & theft recovery solution that can be sold as a managed solution or a bundled technology offering for resellers.  Learn more.