Where are my assets?

Answering this simple question can improve efficiency, ensure asset visibility, and increase revenue.

High Value Assets

Using the latest technologies in M2M connectivity, our Asset Tracking Solutions can help ensure your high-value assets such as vehicles, fleets, or heavy machinery are safe, secure and where they should be, even when they aren't in your immediate area.  Numerex asset tracking managed solutions combine smart devices, diverse networks, and robust applications built on our IoT platform to wirelessly track, monitor, and manage their high value assets.  Thanks to advances in satellite and cellular technology, companies can now target the exact location of vital assets in near real-time, enabling quick and decisive action should a problem or change in scheduling occur.

Bins, Crates, Containers, or Pallets

Knowing where your assets are, how they are doing, and when they will arrive can improve efficiency, ensure asset visibility, and increase revenue.  Companies with facilities spread across the globe and who interact with multiple suppliers, customers, and manufacturers struggle to maintain visibility of their assets as they move throughout the supply chain.  Many of the containers, bins, and crates that companies use to ship their goods globally are expensive and difficult to keep up with.  Wirelessly tracking and monitoring these valuable assets, as well as the goods that they contain, is a complex process that requires experience, technology, and know-how.

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High Value Asset Tracking
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Global Cellular Asset Tracking
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Use cases for asset tracking

SmartNet_NOCDisaster Management
In an emergency, high-value assets need to be deployed quickly, and to the right place. Having the ability to track and locate these assets when needed is paramount to providing prompt relief in the face of natural disasters and other acts of nature.


SmartNet_NOCFleet Tracking
Tracking moving assets such as a fleet of vehicles, heavy machinery, or equipment can be complex and time consuming, while monitoring driver behavior and vehicle performance affects safety. Our fleet tracking solutions can help prevent loss, improve safety, and provide a level of security that can prevent monetary loss and improve ROI.



Shipping and Cargo
Companies shipping hazardous materials through remote regions need to have visibility of this all important and volatile cargo. Also, tracking pallets of valuable merchandise as they move from one location to the next can prevent theft, loss and improve real-time forecasting.

These cases have a common theme - knowing where, what, and how assets are deployed. By tracking and monitoring these assets using the Numerex platform from an application on any connected device, managers can make smart decisions based on factual data. This business intelligence is driving performance and creating significant competitive advantages for agile companies.



Track Any Thing, Any Time, Any Where.

No matter how far flung your assets are, the Power of IoT makes lack of visibility a thing of the past.



iManage is a manufacturing optimization and high value asset tracking solution built on Numerex’s cloud-based horizontal IoT platform.  Learn more.

FASTrack Fleet™

A fleet tracking & theft recovery solution that can be sold as a managed solution or a bundled technology offering for resellers.  Learn more.


See our  line of Asset Tracking devices here.