Worldwide Visibility of High Value Assets

Numerex’s satellite solutions provide global managed services where cellular connectivity is spotty or absent. Leveraging the near global reach that satellite-based communication provides, typical use cases include disaster relief assistance, container tracking, remote monitoring, and extending in to supply chain and logistics management. The complete solution is packaged with a choice of satellite enabled, highly cost effective and ruggedized devices, along with satellite network communication and a cloud based desktop as well as smartphone-enabled asset tracking application.

Satellite Use Cases

Supply Chain & Logistics

Empower your business, protect your assets and make data-driven decisions through real time visibility to your assets dispersed globally as well as along the entire supply chain, including the last mile. Numerex has developed and deployed satellite technologies for the defense logistics industry as well as supply chain and logistics management.

Asset Tracking

Track shipments around the globe, ranging from bins and crates to cargo and containers with our tracking solutions grounded in business and tailored to meet the unique needs of varied vertical industries. Real-time tracking, alerting and reporting combined with near global visibility makes our satellite based asset tracking solution a cost effective and complete solution designed to empower businesses in making key tactical decisions.

Emergency Response

With deep experience in the delivery of reliable communications, Numerex has been a trusted partner in deploying satellite based solutions for the emergency management and disaster relief industry allowing field users and managers to connect, track and manage tens of thousands of assets worldwide, especially in times of little or no cellular service and connectivity.

Numerex Satellite Solutions are a complete solution including hardware, network, software application and application enablement for remote asset management, GPS tracking, mapping, display, reporting, and data forwarding. Our solutions offer real-time visibility and decision-making power to military, government, and enterprise users worldwide, and have been deployed and are being used in the field today. Numerex Satellite Solutions enable customers including the Department of Homeland Security -FEMA, and numerous other federal and state governmental agencies and commercial businesses, as well as companies focused on worldwide supply chain and logistics, and asset tracking across the globe.

Case Study

Numerex deploys IoT managed satellite solutions which offer real-time visibility and decision-making power to military, government, and enterprise users worldwide. Currently our solutions are working in the field to enable many customers including FEMA and numerous other federal and state governmental agencies and commercial businesses.

Location Tracking Propelled into Condition Monitoring


U.S. agencies are looking for ways to improve container security through the use of technology for monitoring container integrity. For example, in the Pakistan Ground Lines of communication, the ground transportation route supporting forces in Operation Enduring Freedom, theft and container tampering is a real threat for in-bound and out-bound cargo. Therefore, it is important to monitor container integrity to ensure containers are not loaded with hazardous material that could harm our war fighters.