The Challenge

Cutting through the hype and clutter surrounding IoT platform services can sometimes lead to frustration and confusion when services aren’t delivered. Without a dependable IoT solution provider with demonstrated and proven capabilities, the complexity of building a solution and managing multiple vendors and internal resources can often result in long deployment times and added upfront expense. nxFAST, Numerex’s end-to-end IoT platform, can solve these challenges by delivering these key value added services:

  • Ready-to-deploy, end-to-end managed solutions
  • Pre-integrated devices, networks, and application enablement components
  • Multi-carrier connection and device management
  • Minimal up-front investment and “bring-your-assets”

nxFAST Platform Services Brochure

5 Key Ingredients for an IoT Platform

Who Benefits From the nxFAST Platform?

Device Manufacturers

Companies who specialize in manufacturing devices or modules need both solutions as well as channels to benefit their product portfolio. Our nxFAST platform can help fill the gaps.

Mobile Network Operators

MNO’s looking to generate near-term revenue through quick deployment of hosted, vertical solutions which utilize their own infra-structure are a perfect fit for nxFAST.

IoT Application Providers

nxFAST works great for companies who specialize in developing IoT applications and need technical expertise in device and network technologies and access to growth channels.

Large Enterprise Users

nxFAST can benefit companies who are developing their own IoT solutions for in-house or product needs and want to leverage expertise from third parties in areas not directly related to their core business.

Value Added Resellers

VAR's who are also IoT Distributors in verticals like fleet tracking or safety and security benefit greatly from nxFAST by leveraging critical aspects of the platform, instead of having to develop the expertise in house.

The Vertical Solutions

The Advantage

Unlike many IoT platform solutions, nxFAST is designed to:

  • Support application enablement, device management, and connection management
  • Leverage a customers existing assets and infra-structure
  • Reduce productization time from years to months
  • Create a business model with partners that accelerates time to market and increases revenue

nxFAST provides quick and seamless IoT Enablement Services that introduce new solutions, improve ROI, and grow top line revenue.



You don’t have to be an IoT expert! Let Numerex get your solutions to market quickly, remove the risk, and deliver innovative solutions for building your business.