mySHIELD is a wearable, personal emergency response system designed to enhance the safety of wearers who often are alone, or are likely to find themselves in potentially hazardous situations where safety could be jeopardized. Featuring a small form-factor, wireless cellular connectivity and lanyard or clip-on capabilities, mySHIELD tracks the location of the wearer and provides access to a live operator via a one-touch panic button.

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Dimensions2.4″ (H) x 1.7″ )( Wx 0.7″ (D)
Weight1.9 oz.
Power SupplyRechgaerable lithium ion battery
CertificationsPTCRB, AT&T, Rogers, FCC, Industry Canada
EnvironmentalDurable waterporof shell that’s splash and rain resistant IPX7 certified
Carrier NetworkVerizon® Wireless Network
Safety Specificationse Vrizon and FCC certified; SAR compliant
  • Two-way voice communication with a live agent
  • Innovative Smart Call feature uses auto-dial to complete all calls that are initiated
  • Cloud-based application to manage and locate devices as well as provide alerts and notifications
  • Live technical support available 24/7/365
  • Pre-packaged kit includes multiple charging and wearing options
  • Docking station can be used as a charger and a home beacon
  • Device location available on demand, every 2 hours, or when the panic button is pressed
  • Built on carrier grade infrastructure, providing “always on” reliability and uptime

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