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mySHIELD SOS is a wearable, mobile personal emergency response solution. mySHIELD SOS is designed to enhance the safety of lone workers who are likely to find themselves in potentially hazardous situations, where safety could be jeopardized. Featuring a discreet size and cellular connectivity, mySHIELD SOS provides emergency response via a one-touch panic button.

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Dimensions2.54 x 1.57 x 0.8 inches
Weight2.3 ounces
Power SupplyTypical 200 uA @ 4.2V (deep sleep)
Typical 21.5 mA @ 4.2V ( SMS + UDP connection, GPS off)
Typical 89.9 mA @ 4.2V (continuous transmit)
CertificationsPTCRB, AT&T, Rogers, FCC, Industry Canada
EnvironmentalOperating temperature: -40° to +158° F
Storage temperature: -40° to +185° F
Humidity: 95% RH @ 122° F non-condensing
RoHS compliant
Carrier NetworkSprint
Battery Life1300 mAh (standard)
2000 mAh (optional)
Operating voltage 4.2V, internal battery
  • Easy to use, discreet, wearable device
  • Access to emergency assistance at the press of a button
  • Built on carrier grade infrastructure platform
  • Communicates over cellular networks while leveraging GPS technology
  • Location accuracy of 2.0 meters (CEP with SBAS)
  • Configurable location reporting intervals

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