With Numerex Network Services, customers have a simpler path to multiple coverage options, account management, subscription management and connection management using iNSITE™, a single, consolidated cloud-based customer portal. iNSITE gives you full control for managing wireless assets from one common portal, seamless interoperability between multiple technologies, and simple automation, giving you the agility required to make critical business decisions quickly and easily.

Numerex Network Services enterprise users also benefit from these key value added services:

  • Multiple carrier aggregation and choice - Numerex partners with many carriers, allowing you to see and manage your connections from multiple carriers together, all within a single portal, iNSITE.
  • Low cost rate plans- Offering very competitive rates, our Network Services team can work with you to get the right rate plan for your business that’s affordable and reliable
  • Near global coverage - Numerex delivers highly redundant and reliable nationwide coverage, including global reach when roaming globally or within specific regions
  • Fast and dependable support- through our network operations center (NOC), a 24x7x365 support center, Numerex is focused on ensuring service continuity and rapid issue resolution through Access to specialists with over 2 decades of in-house, M2M industry experience

The Solution

A network connectivity management system that offers the agility required to securely manage assets and make informed decisions. Numerex Network Solutions offers a powerful platform that enables the IoT ecosystem, allowing you to manage, optimize, track and secure any asset, virtually anywhere in the world.

You specify your network requirements, and Numerex will deliver the connection – anywhere, over any network.

Case Studies

Location-Based, Real-Time Remote Monitoring for Breath Alcohol Testing

How do you build a remote alcohol tester that provides law enforcement officials all the detail they need including unsupervised breath testing, regular test results, location of device, facial recognition of user, and wireless connectivity – without being overly invasive? SCRAM Systems was faced with these issues when developing the Remote Breath device, and partnered with Numerex to develop a solution.

M2M Connectivity Plays Important Role for Patients Awaiting Heart Transplant Worldwide

When Rodger Ford, CEO and co-founder of Houston-based ReliantHeart, Inc., was seeking a machine-to-machine (M2M) partner that could provide lifesaving connectivity for patients worldwide awaiting a heart transplant, he looked no further than the dynamic leadership and development team at Numerex®, a leading provider of on-demand and interactive machine-to-machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) enterprise solutions.

M2M Connectivity Simplifies Safety Operations in School Districts Across America

RTC has been in the business of helping students get to school safely since 1987. School districts across America use flashing warning-signals, known as "flashers" to school personnel, in school zones to alert drivers at times of the day when children will likely be present. Typically school flasher time schedules are individually updated manually for every school by a school district employee. School flasher times vary throughout the year based on the school calendar. If an unexpected early dismissal or weather event alters the schedule, then the flashers need to be updated with a hand-programmed schedule update, or switched on manually. This requires a significant effort due to the large number of flashers typically present in a school district.

Numerex Network Enables 2G Migration for Smart Irrigation Provider

In the irrigation industry, ETwater is redefining the space with smart irrigation. Their cloud-based platform relies on Numerex’s 24x7 connectivity enabling the collection and analysis of large amounts of weather and soil-condition data. This information is used to determine optimum irrigation scheduling.