The Foundation

Built on 20 years of Numerex IoT expertise and experience, nxFAST is an industry-leading, managed IoT platform solution built on:

  • A modular, horizontal IoT software architecture
  • Geographically redundant, high-availability infra-structure
  • Advanced OSS/BSS encompassing a vast array of IoT specific features and support
  • An open source ecosystem allowing development of API’s and value added services
  • A Tier 1 Operations Center which provides 24 x 7 support of device, network, and application


The Platform

The Ecosystem

The nxFAST designers needed a way to quickly combine and deploy new IoT devices with multiple applications over different network technologies.  Over time, Numerex partners began to build on this foundation.  nxFAST quickly became the premier venue for applications and devices developed all over the world to leverage the quick integration and deployment capabilities which enable true market velocity.


The Portal

The nxFAST Customer Portal brings all of the building blocks of nxFAST platform services into a single, cohesive portal making it simple and economical to build, monitor, deploy, and manage your IoT solutions. Get a demo of the nxFAST customer portal here.

The Result

nxFAST drives IoT market acceleration and revenue growth for long-term sustainability and future proofing. Many platforms today focus on one or two elements of a solution. nxFAST was built to encompass connection and subscription management, application enablement, full vertical solutions, IoT billing and rating services, and device management. All on a highly scalable, geographically redundant platform. The platform incorporates a complete suite of IoT components including Solution Services, Enablement Services, and Core Services.


nxFAST includes a comprehensive suite of cloud-based services that accelerate time to market and add new revenue streams.