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January 2017

Company News
NumerexTRA | December 2016 Issue
by Numerex

A publication covering Numerex and the Internet of Things

Asset Management
Can IoT-assisted asset tracking save shippers trillions?
by ReadWrite

Monitoring the supply chain journey in real-time is a trillion-dollar game changer for the container shipping industry.

IOT impact on manufacturing
by InTech Magazine

IoT could be transformational for manufacturers who believe industrial automation offers incremental value at best.

Network Connectivity
Dedicated Mobile Core Networks for IoT
by Light Reading

Mobile networks offer great flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness for a wide range of IoT solutions.

Business Strategy
When your marketplace shifts
by Seth Godin

IoT is disruptive and levels the playing field, so innovation is needed to become better, faster, and different.

What is an IoT Gateway? (short video)
by SAP

Connect, administer, and manage IoT devices across various network connectivity types.

Offender Monitoring
Making communities and work places safer
by Numerex

Powerful offender monitoring technology improves efficiencies and cuts costs.

Smart Cities
4 common entry points to a smart city
by TechRepublic

City officials should get input from residents and local leaders in government before launching smart city projects.