The Latest IoT eNews from Around the Web

February 2017

Case Study
Asset Management & Supply Chain Optimization
by Numerex

Industrial and agricultural manufacturer gets smart about tracking custom shipping racks.

The Quest for IoT Value
by Gartner

Improve your market position and increase revenues by unlocking the power of IoT.

An Executive's Guide to the Internet of Things
by Forbes

To succeed in IoT, organizational leaders must understand the affects and value of IoT to their business.

Thought Leadership
The Road to IIoT: What Can We Learn from Other Industries?
by Manufacturing Business Technology

Remote monitoring and asset tracking are becoming table stakes in the highly competitive manufacturing industry.

Smart cities and IoT will change our urban environments
by IoT Now

Realizing the smart cities dream requires robust, flexible network infrastructure, plus cloud and big data computing.

White Paper
Electronic Monitoring for Pretrial Offenders
by Numerex

How public safety agencies can leverage Electronic Monitoring to reduce recidivism and jail expenditures.

Secure connectivity for the internet of things
by TechTarget

A key takeaway from IoT growth trends is the critical need to secure data while lowering operating costs.

Trump orders agencies to freeze new regulations, ELD mandate likely shielded
by CCJ Magazine

The ELD rule will likely survive and maintain the phased-in compliance date of December 18, 2017.