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April 2017

Fleet Management: Manual vs Automated Processes
By Numerex

Improve efficiency, ensure asset visibility, and increase revenue with GPS fleet tracking.

The IoT business model: Reduce inefficiencies, make money with IoT
By TechTarget

Revenue growth and differentiation are driving forces behind the rise of IoT adoption.

Hype Vs. Reality: When Will Internet Of Things Networks Appear?
By Forbes

Change is coming soon to IoT network connectivity. Finding the right balance of performance and pricing will be key.

Can IoT-assisted asset tracking save shippers trillions?
By ReadWrite

GPS and cellular asset tracking is reshaping intermodal freight transport with real-time data and huge cost savings.

Press Release
Numerex Awarded Multi-Year Asset Tracking Deal With Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
By Numerex

Numerex partners with Software Tech Enterprises to deliver an advanced asset tracking solution.

The ‘internet of things’ and the fire service
By FireChief

IoT solutions, like Uplink Security, enables better, more affordable fire safety and security systems.

Three steps to choosing the right IoT vendor
By Embedded Computer Design

Numerex streamlines IoT deployments by bundling solutions with devices, network connectivity, and applications.

Press Release
Numerex Announces nxCONNECT LTE Wireless Backup
By Numerex

IoT Network Solution Enables Continuous Business Connectivity for Broadband Internet Customers.