Tracking and Managing Waste Containers and Bins

As the world populations continue to grow, the amount of trash and garbage grows exponentially. According to some studies, the United States alone produces 220 million tons of waste every year. The waste is generated by construction, new land development, waste water, and runoff, or simply from consumer packaged goods that come in plastic and paper. All these things continue adding to a problem that is increasing every day and shows no signs of slowing down.

This is why it is more important than ever to begin thinking about solutions that will help address these issues. At Numerex, we take an innovative approach on how we measure, monitor, track, and manage things like waste. With the power of M2M leveraged to gain insight, we use connectivity in the IoT to help companies solve these problems.

Recently, a leading company known for manufacturing rugged RFID tags for various industries saw a big market opportunity for growth but needed Numerex's M2M expertise to make it happen. The $54 billion management industry was running on a very antiquated, ineffective system to track the rentals of high-value metallic containers for construction waste, called “roll-offs.” Roll-offs are constantly mobile between customer sites. It is important for roll-off rental companies to have a complete picture of these assets which are typically spread across multiple storage facilities, retail and customer locations. Asset location, theft prevention, and inventory management are the main focus of business improvement. Numerex built an M2M solution to specifically address this company, and the industries, needs.

Real Time Asset Visiblity
Case Study

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Numerex M2M solutions for the waste management industry deliver insight and visibility to hard assets like trucks, containers, and bins.


The waste management industry has been historically inefficient in managing it's hard assets, not knowing in near real time where some of their roll-off inventory is located. Misuse of bins and containers is a real issue, too, with products being “sub-leased” without knowledge or permission, and theft was also a problem.
Roll-off containers cost anywhere from $2,500 to $10,000 each and can be located at a customer’s construction site for a length of a few days to a month.


Not knowing where these assets are at any given time can result in theft, waste, and mismanagement, as well as loss of revenue. All of this manifested into an ongoing loss of potential revenue, as “lost” containers cannot be rented to another customer. On top of it all, the waste management industry continued to experience increased pressure for lower pricing and ever tightening government regulations.


Numerex deployed an asset management solution, giving rental companies who leased the containers the visibility to see the assets anywhere, anytime. This in turn saves the companies time, money, making them more efficient and productive.

Find out more by reading the case study.