Tracking Fleets and Monitoring Driver Behavior

Transportation, fleet tracking and telematics is a large, growing segment for M2M technology and the internet of things. Numerex provides cities, local and state governments and businesses with fleet management services through its technology platform that enables smart tracking of an entire fleet of hundreds or even thousands of vehicles. Coupled with driver ID capability, managers know — at all times — who is driving a vehicle, the route taken, and any stops made.This vastly improves accountability and cost savings —two key measurements when taxpayer-funded assets are being deployed.

Consider the case of a sleepy driver who begins to nod off and his truck swerves, if only briefly, into the oncoming lane. As the incident occurs, an alert sounds at the trucking company’s monitoring station.

The driver is contacted and instructed to get off the road for the night. Numerex works with customers to develop monitoring systems like these used by transportation companies across the United States and Canada, to dramatically improve safety and enhance productivity.

Numerex's fleet management solutions can track any high value moving asset - including large and small fleets - adding vehicle management and driver behavior capabilities as well.


A large city in the Northeast gets significant, regular snowfall which can paralyze a community and make travel difficult and dangerous for its citizens. Paramount to keeping routes open and providing seamless transportation in and around the city are its fleet of snowplows and salt trucks which maintain the city streets.


Numerex M2M devices and solutions can track vehicle locations and even use driving behavior monitoring systems to enhance operations and improve efficiencies for vehicle fleets of local, city, and state governments wishing to track a fleet of vehicles or other moving machinery.


Numerex supplies vehicle location data coupled with geographic information system (GIS) technology to track the snowplows and salt trucks. During inclement weather, the city uses this tracking information to provide website updates on specific city streets that have been plowed or salted, guiding citizens in making smarter decisions on when and where to travel safely.