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Data Sheets

For Alarm Dealers

Alarm Communicators - Cellular alarm communications and interactive services offer a superior wireless solution that is always connected when they need it most. Uplink solutions are powered by Numerex, providing packaged solutions to alarm dealers as a fast, easy and highly profitable solution to meet their customer’s security and GPS tracking needs. Uplink offers long-life CDMA and 4G cellular communicators to deliver the performance and value that fit the needs of the alarm company and the end-user.

Interactive Services - Uplink Remote™ is another advancement that provides value to consumers, while generating incremental income for alarm dealers. The convenient app is designed for alarm system owners who want to control their systems remotely using a smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device.

Time is money for alarm dealers, who seek fast, efficient installations and service calls. Innovative smartphone apps now offer mobility-focused technology enhancements that support dealers in achieving new levels of performance.  Uplink Installer™ is a smartphone app which simplifies installation, activation, and verification of alarm communication devices.

For Homeowners and Individuals

Wireless home automation offers the ability to remotely access and control alarm systems, door locks, thermostats, appliances, and other devices without having to rely on manual control.These solutions enable homeowners to remotely control an alarm system through their smartphones, tablets, laptops or other wireless devices.

For Businesses

UplinkGPS™ allows for remote GPS tracking and monitoring of vehicles and other high value assets, a key advantage for busy professionals who want to keep an eye on their assets, fleets (and drivers) from any location. Uplink GPS offers turn-key vehicle and asset tracking solutions for resell to commercial and residential customers. Our solution provides you with an opportunity to extend your relationship beyond the boundaries of traditional security solutions by adding asset tracking for your customers as an additional recurring revenue source. Security dealers may also benefit from GPS solutions by tracking and monitoring their own fleets as they service their alarm customers in the field.

Numerex is helping lead the home automation evolution, with the UplinkRemote™ solution, which enables homeowners to remotely control an alarm system through a smartphone, tablet or laptop.