Uncovering the Blind Spots in Logistics Operations

A significant challenge for manufacturing companies is managing the complexity of the production and distribution processes from suppliers and distributors, all the way to the manufacturing floor. With a geographic diversity of suppliers and plants, and a marketplace demands that require keen attention to deadlines, smart companies are counting on Numerex to optimize their logistics challenges throughout the supply chain.

iManage helps uncover blind spots throughout the production supply chain by giving managers the tools that they need to stay connected to their materials flow beyond the boundary of the manufacturing facilities.  

Built on Numerex’s cloud-based horizontal delivery platform, iManage helps manufacturers optimize production by wirelessly tracking, managing, and analyzing the flow of production parts, assemblies, and racks between factories.  iManage alerts managers when a stoppage, slowdown, or problem occurs which can prevent production delays, while saving time, money and improving efficiencies.

Supply Chain Optimization
Case Study

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iManage uncovers blind spots throughout the supply chain, giving managers the tools they need to stay connected to their material flow beyond the boundary of the manufacturing facilities.


A leading manufacturing company regularly uses custom-built racks to transport vital parts between several supplier locations and its geographically dispersed manufacturing plants — sometimes on short notice.

The process is complex with multiple factories and carriers involved. Piece parts and in-process products are frequently shipped to and from production facilities, warehouses and staging areas. It is critical that the company know exactly where the parts — and the racks that house them — are at all times. Otherwise, the process can unravel, causing supply chain gaps that waste valuable time, money and resources.


In order to gain better visibility into its supply chain issues, the company turned to Numerex to deploy an M2M solution that would help them more effectively understand and manage the flow of materials.


Using iManage — a supply chain solution utilizing tracking sensors, wireless network connectivity, and visualization software and analysis tools — the manufacturer was able to gain accurate, real-time visibility into its cross-factory materials flows. Delays were discovered before they became problematic, and previously hidden bottlenecks become visible.

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