iTank, a Numerex solution, is a managed service designed to allow distributors of bulk lubes and fluids, propane gas, and other liquids to remotely monitor tank fill levels and optimize distribution routes. Purpose-built to improve logistics, inventory management, and route planning, iTank is a perfect fit for distributors who wish to increase operational efficiencies, reduce miles driven, eliminate emergency deliveries and improve ROI.

More than just a tank monitoring device, iTank is an end-to-end, cloud-based, highly scalable service delivery platform that provides access to accurate tank level data, reports, and route schedules via an intelligent, web-based management portal.

With iTank you can immediately improve customer satisfaction with minimal startup costs, low monthly fees and world class customer service.

iTank Solution

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How iTank remote tank monitoring works

How iTank Works

Wireless Tank Monitoring Managed Service 

  1. iTank telemetry devices are installed on each tank.
  2. Tank level measurements are sent wirelessly to the cloud and processed in the iTank management portal.
  3. Fill levels, usage and route optimization schedules are displayed in the management portal on a PC or mobile device.

Use Cases Include: Lubes, Fuels, Petroleum Based Products & Propane

Now intrinsically safe for propane monitoring!

iTank is a managed solution that includes a device and a sensor, combined with network connectivity, and a dedicated application that enables monitoring and data intelligence in a variety of use cases for single tanks and tank farms, including those that require intrinsically safe environments and GPS tracking like propane gas tanks. iTank can be used to monitor virtually any bulk fluid - water, petroleum products, chemicals or liquid gases.

iTank hardware is easily installed on all types of tanks including propane, heating and heavy oil, diesel, lubricants and water and can monitor parameters such as fuel temperature or the status of a burner or any other relay.