Valuable Insight For Your High Value Assets

A significant challenge for companies today is managing the complexity of their logistics operations, tracking their high value assets, and keeping up with all of the expensive containers, crates, and bins used in shipping. With a geographic diversity of suppliers and plants, and a marketplace that demands keen attention to deadlines, smart companies are counting on iManage to optimize their logistics challenges throughout the supply chain.

At Numerex, we uncover the blind spots throughout the production supply chain by giving managers the tools that they need to stay connected to their high value assets and material flow beyond the boundary of the manufacturing facilities. From knowledge comes insight. And with insight, smart decisions are made.

iManage™ is built on Numerex’s cloud-based horizontal delivery platform, and helps manufacturers optimize production by wirelessly tracking, managing, and optimizing the flow of production parts, assemblies, racks and containers between factories. The solution alerts managers when a stoppage, slowdown, or problem occurs. IManage also keeps track of expensive containers that could cost companies tens of thousands of dollars per year if lost or stolen.

iManage, a supply chain and asset tracking solution, uncovers the blind spots and gives visibility to your logistics operations, giving managers the tools they need to stay connected to their material flow and high value assets, beyond the boundary of the manufacturing facility.

Tracking and Managing Waste Containers and Bins

At Numerex, we take an innovative approach on how we measure, monitor, track, and manage things like waste containers for solid waste companies, using the power of the IoT to help solve the problems of missing, stolen, or lost containers, which can cost waste management companies lots of money to recover or replace. iManage is an IoT solution that specifically addresses the industries needs for monitoring and tracking all of their high value assets.

For example, a leading company known for the management of solid waste such from construction sites saw a big market opportunity for growth but needed Numerex's iManage to make it happen. The industry was running on a very antiquated, ineffective system to track the rentals of high-value metallic containers for construction waste, called “roll-offs.” Roll-offs are constantly mobile between customer sites. It is important for roll-off rental companies to have a complete picture of these assets which are typically spread across multiple storage facilities, retail and customer locations. Asset location, theft prevention, and inventory management are the main focus of business improvement.