nxCONNECT LTE Wireless Backup Solution

Enabling Continuous Business Connectivity

nxCONNECT ensures the continuity of internet connectivity by using Numerex’s network cellular service as a backup connection in the event of broadband service outages.

nxCONNECT consists of a complete bundled offering which includes an intelligent router that instantly detects broadband signal loss and seamlessly re-connects to a powerful LTE backup connection to maintain business continuity. This helps maintain internet connectivity speed, up-time, and reliability in the event of a network outage. nxCONNECT also includes a convenient, user-friendly online portal that allows customers to manage connectivity, receive notifications, retrieve reports, and see event activity.

In addition, as part of an end-to-end connectivity solution, Numerex offers inventory and fulfillment services for MSO’s and CSO’s, as well as an easy to use self-install kit which allows quick set up and installation for the end user.

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Remotely Manage, Monitor, and Control Fill Levels of Storage Tanks.

iTank is a distribution optimization solution designed to allow distributors of bulk lubes and fuels, propane, and other fluids to monitor tank fill levels and improve route optimization. Purpose-built to improve logistics, inventory management, and route planning, iTank is a perfect fit for distributors who wish to increase efficiency, reduce miles driven, eliminate emergency deliveries and improve their own ROI.

Now intrinsically safe for propane monitoring.

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nxFAST Network Solutions

You specify your network requirements, and Numerex will deliver the connection – anywhere, over any network.

With Numerex Network Services, customers have a simpler path to multiple coverage options, account management, subscription management and connection management using nxFAST Customer Portal, a single, consolidated cloud-based customer portal. nxFAST gives you full control for managing wireless assets from one common portal, seamless interoperability between multiple technologies, and simple automation, giving you the agility required to make critical business decisions quickly and easily.

Turnkey 2G to LTE Migration Path

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nxAsset Tracking

Improve efficiency, ensure asset visibility, and increase revenue.

Using the latest technologies in M2M connectivity, our Asset Tracking Solutions can help ensure your high-value assets are safe, secure and where they should be, even when they aren't in your immediate area.

Thanks to advances in satellite and cellular technology, companies can now target the exact location of vital assets - whether they be people or things - in near real-time, enabling quick and decisive action should a problem or change in scheduling occur.

Improve efficiencies, ensure asset visibility, and increase revenue.

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Fuel Savings
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