Asset & Fleet Tracking

Knowing where your high value assets are can improve efficiency, ensure asset visibility, and increase revenue. Using the latest technologies in IoT connectivity, our Asset ID & Tracking Solutions can help ensure your high-value assets are safe, secure and where they should be, even when they aren't in your immediate area. This can also help reduce theft and loss, reducing overhead and expenses. Thanks to advances in satellite and cellular technology, companies can now target the exact location of vital assets - whether they be people or things - in near real-time, enabling quick and decisive action should a problem or change in scheduling occur.

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Global Cellular Asset Tracking

High Value Asset Tracking
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Real Time Asset Monitoring

Asset Management & Optimization

Optimizing logistics and how your assets are performing is paramount to managing costs and improving ROI throughout the supply chain. For businesses who depend on the smart supply chain, IoT managed solutions like iManage enable customers to more effectively monitor allocate resources by optimizing the flow of assets, connecting the enterprise directly to suppliers and customers, giving real-time visibility of location and material flow. These solutions improve asset utilization, enhance operational efficiencies, and reduce costs.

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Network Services

Network Services customers need to have a simple path to multiple coverage options, account management, subscription management and connection management using a single, consolidated cloud-based management portal, providing seamless interoperability between multiple technologies, giving you the agility to make critical business decisions quickly and easily. Giving customers multiple carrier aggregation and choice - long with the ability to see and manage your connections from multiple carriers together, low cost rate plans and Near global coverage - Numerex Network Services deliver highly redundant and reliable nationwide coverage, including global reach when roaming globally or within specific regions.

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Tank Monitoring

iTank is a tank monitoring and distribution optimization managed service enabled by the IoT. Designed to allow distributors of bulk lubes and fluids, propane gas, and other liquids to remotely monitor tank fill levels, iTank is purpose-built to improve logistics, inventory management, and route planning. iTank delivers value as a perfect fit for distributors who wish to increase operational efficiencies, reduce miles driven, eliminate emergency deliveries and improve ROI. More than just tank monitoring, iTank is an end-to-end, cloud-based, highly scalable service delivery platform that provides access to accurate tank level data via an intelligent, web-based management portal.

Tank Monitoring Boosts Efficiency

Remote Monitoring

Maintaining visibility of fixed assets in the field, whether they be people or things, for factors like flow rates, temperature, pressure and leaks, and providing rugged, reliable and intrinsically safe solutions are important capabilities for businesses in the energy, oil and gas, tank monitoring and water industries. Monitoring people and things in the public safety and healthcare industries is also paramount, using both satellite or cellular communications to monitor mobile or fixed assets around the world. Our award winning solutions transmit critical performance data of commercial equipment, medical devices and industrial systems over a secure network to intelligent applications, adding operational efficiencies, improved ROI and enhanced safety in dangerous environments using mission-critical applications.

Remote Monitoring for Breath Alcohol Testing

Helping Patients Awaiting Heart Transplant

Electronic Monitoring

For overtaxed personnel already under public scrutiny, technology that enables optimized resource allocation while boosting public safety it a tremendously valuable tool. And, when a technology is easy to deploy and intuitive to use, the results are magnified.

Omnilink, a Numerex Solution, for probation, parole, and corrections provides the information you need to make smart decisions. You’ll value our offender tracking tools that combine intuitive software with the power of GPS, M2M and LBS technology to monitor and immediately locate any person. By tracking and monitoring offenders electronically, you’ll be empowered to make decisions and proactively solve problems. This in turn will create new opportunities that help improve results, reduce costs, make personnel more efficient, and have a high impact on public safety.

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