Smarter Things, Better Business

Numerex Corp is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia and organized under the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Our story is one of dynamic evolution in the machine-to-machine (M2M) business-to-business market, from a product to service-centric approach over the nearly two decades we have been dedicated to the development and deployment of M2M solutions. Through organic growth that fueled our expansion and acquisition that added strength and core competencies, we have assembled the parts of our Numerex DNA® (Device, Network and Application), the critical links in the M2M value chain.

Numerex was founded in 1992 and first traded publicly in March 1994 (NASDAQ: NMRX). At the time, the company was focused on “derived channel,” a wireline-based telemetry data communications offering (telemetry is subsumed into M2M communications), and served select vertical markets including alarm security and line monitoring. In November 1999, we sold our wireline business to British Telecommunications PLC (“BT”) in order to focus on our nascent wireless data communications business.

The future looks bright for Numerex. The increasing awareness that M2M solutions can create substantial new revenue streams and can provide valuable, real-time insights into operations has significantly broadened the market for M2M solutions, extending them into new areas, with new value propositions emerging. With decades of experience in delivering innovative solutions for industries across the globe, Numerex remains in the forefront of technology innovation and development, leading the M2M industry to exciting new heights and enabling the Internet of Things.